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How to Hire a Garden Waste Clearance Company

Hiring a garden waste clearance company is something that most garden owners resort to, due to time constraints. How many times have you wanted to clear stuff out of your garden, however haven’t had the time? Hiring a rubbish removal company makes your life simpler and easier all year round. Items like old sofas, chairs and garden furniture are things that we often leave in our gardens. They clog up the space as well as contribute to additional unnecessary clutter. Most home owners do not clear their gardens out because they don’t have the energy or suffer from allergies. That is why hiring a garden clearance service solves that problem instantly. Below is a short guide on how to hire such a service for your garden:

•    Establish what furniture and waste you want cleared. It is easy to say that you want a garden clearance, however the more specific you are to the company, the better. Without knowing exactly what type of furniture clearance you want, it is impossible to obtain an accurate quote from a company. For instance, you may only have a few broken chairs or a whole set of old garden furniture. Or, you may have piles of leaves and green waste. It is simpler to phone up for quotes when you know the size and what you need moving from your garden.

•    When you have established what you desire to be cleared, the next step is to decide on your budget. What is important when you decide on your budget is that you remain flexible as it will help. Phone up different companies and obtain quotes as it is better that way, rather than relying on just one company for the service. Take into account that you will also need to pay VAT on the service. Most clearance companies are registered as LTD, so they will be charging you tax on top. You do not want a sticker shock at the end of the bill, so it is wiser to always ask the company for a VAT inclusive quote before you proceed.

•    Before you hire the company, obtain a non-obligatory quote. This ensures that you receive the most competitive quote without compromising on quality. You can do this by calling the customer service or filling in a contact form on their website. When you are happy with the quote that a specific rubbish clearance company has provided you with, then you should go ahead and book them.

•    Before booking, you need to make sure that all their staff is licensed and qualified. Simply confirm everything before you secure your booking. Although most companies are licensed and legitimate, but you must remember that there will always be rogue traders out there. Sadly, they give every good company a bad name. It is wise to keep both yourself and your money safe by finding this out in advance.

•    Ask how they wish to take payment. Is it through cash or bank transfer? Do they accept cheques? A lot of junk disposal companies accept card in person or over the phone, ensuring that you are given a receipt for your purchase. Keep this receipt safe if you ever need a refund or if something goes wrong. Also, ask them if they require a deposit, cash upfront or simply wait until the job is done to accept payment? Ask about the payment terms at all times as you want to be clear on how they do business, should you choose to do business with them again.